Day 44, Friday, 6/1/18
Dawson Creek, BC

Clouds were coming in as we left Fort Nelson, looking like it might rain. After a provisioning stop (food, gas, beer)  we set out for Dawson Creek, about 200 miles away. Given the small window of opportunity for construction up here, there was quite a bit of road work going on. As we headed east to the lower latitudes we left the Northern Rockies behind. This stretch of highway took us through part of the Peace River region; rolling hills, spruce and aspen forests, wide valleys, wetlands and slow moving streams.

We spotted two black bears and drove through an area that had been hit with a fire. Arriving at Dawson Creek, we made it to the visitor center before it closed.

After the Fire
Still Standing
The Road Goes On and On

30 plus days later, we were back at Mile 0 where we'd first picked up the ALCAN!

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