Day 1, 4/19/18
545 miles
Honeoye Falls, NY

Light Snow Falling in Honoeye Falls!

We left Orrs island Wednesday afternoon and headed to Portland for dinner with the kids. After spending the night at Higgins Beach with Taylor and Tristan, we woke up to our 38th wedding anniversary, said adios and it was off to Alaska! Stopped first at Johnny's to borrow the space heater - we might need it! Then second stop, Rochester, NY to spend a few days with the Woods, rejigger the packing, and figure out what we should have taken with us. We packed all the winter clothes and wool socks!! Its going to be chilly!

The Great Outdoors
We bought the van (E-Series 150 cargo van) in late November and didn't start the conversion until sometime in late February. Working around the weather slowed progress. It got to the point where if it wasn't snowing with any temperature above 40F it started to feel toasty.

Given the weather and time constraints, we still have a few things to finish, the biggest of which is cutting a hole in the roof to install a fan. The weather forecast for Honeoye Falls is (surprise...) light snow and a high of 40F. So the fan work will have to wait until we get to the next stop west of Chicago, Somonauk, IL. After Somonauk, a night in Minneapolis and on to North  Dakota to Theodore Roosevelt National Park for a few days!!


  1. Nice! What a great adventure. Enjoy your time on the road - let me know if I can mail anything out to you at one of your known future destinations! You are living life well.

  2. Couple Rovers! Very Cool! If your travels take you near Utah we'd love to have you visit. #vanlife!

  3. So exciting, keep the posts coming! And great pics!!
    D and V

  4. So awesome Chris and Paul. A great adventure! Thanks for creating this blog so we can follow your travels. Enjoy and please keep posting. Fondly John & Joyce

  5. Thank you! Seeing some amazing things/ animals! Chris