Day 5, 4/23/18
1,629.7 miles
Maple Grove, MN

We left the Corriveau homestead in Somonauk this morning at about 7:45 AM with the idea of driving about 6 hours or so ending up in Maple Grove, MN at a KOA campground. This is about halfway between Somonauk and Theodore Roosevelt National Park - our next stop. We drove through Wisconsin on I 94 doing 70 mph. Pretty hard to see anything at that speed. There were more water features in Wisconsin and even a few signs for ski areas (Granite Peak ~ 550 meters elevation).

The Campground
The First Supper
"Oh, that uh, that there's an RV."

This was the first time we broke out the stove and cooked dinner. It's also the first night we got to sleep in the van. 

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