Day 6, 4/24/18
2,175.6 miles
Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND

We arrived at the park around 5:00 pm Mountain time. A longish drive, the topography from Minnesota to North Dakota is similar to that of western Illinois and Wisconsin. Flat with a few rolling hills, mostly what looked like corn fields and an increase in cattle herds as we headed west.

The National Parks Senior Pass got us into the park with a 50% discount on the camping site: a whopping $3.50 per night! Driving in, we saw deer, wild horses and scores of prairie dogs. The turnoff to the campground was blocked by bison (buffalo), so not knowing what to do we kept on driving.

After a bit, we turned around and drove slowly through the group. Apparently, they're used to cars and slowly moved out of the way. The site we have is right next to a river, the Little Missouri. Lots of cottonwoods and birds in full voice. As the sun set behind the buttes along the river and night settled in, it was dinner under a half moon. And as the night turned colder, we were left wondering why we left Maine to head for Alaska instead of someplace warmer! :)

Tomorrow, we stay in the park to explore and play.