Day 9, Friday, 4/27/18
2,952.7 miles
Banff, Alberta, Canada

We left Elkwater this morning for Banff, Alberta. Having underestimated the rigors of life in a van, we decided to stay in Banff for a few days - in a hotel with a hot tub, hot showers, indoor plumbing and heat! This proved to be a good move.

Banff is a community squeezed between the beautiful peaks of the snow covered Rockies. After driving so many days in a row, our goal was to walk around a bit!!

Banff is heavily commercialized and a tourist hot spot. While a draw for people around the world, we noticed there was quite a large contingent of people from Japan. It seems that package tours to Canada from Japan are very popular. If a large number of tourists were from Japan, the commercial venues (hotels, restaurants, gear rental, etc) all had staff from Australia.

After an early dinner, out on the Saltlic deck, it was off to bed.

Still in the Plains
The Canadian Rockies
Getting close
Downtown Banff

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  1. Beautiful! The indoor living must have hit the spot. I've heard Banff is nice - would love to check it out someday.