Day 4, 4/22/18
0 miles
Somonauk, IL

Morning poked its head through the window, sunny and promising 60F + temps. Perfect weather for cutting holes in a van roof! I drilled 4 holes from the inside, one for each corner of the fan to mark the cut lines. A plastic bag was taped on the inside to catch the metal from the cutting wheel. The hole in the bag is where Mike pushed up the cut square of the roof so I could grab it.

The outside edge of the hole was masked to prepare for caulking the fan. Note the 2 dark rectangles in the depression. These are pieces of hard rubber used to create a flat surface for the fan to sit on.

Marked for cutting
The dirty deed done!
Ready to caulk
We also added an airfoil to the front bar of the roof racks. It cuts down on the noise when travelling over 55 mph.

With Mike's help, the finished product.
Installing the airfoil

This tree near Mike and Theresa's house is used as a roost for turkey vultures. They return in the spring, hang out all summer then leave when it gets cold. There's a house under the tree with a white roof...

The hangout
turkey vultures

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