Day 10, Saturday, 4/28/18
0 miles
Banff, Alberta, Canada

The morning was sunny and warm. Just before breakfast I noticed a shuttle schedule to Sunshine Valley. This is a ski area and still open for spring skiing. After waffling for a bit, Chris and I decided to spend the day apart; she walking and hiking around town and I going snowboarding. I rented a board and boots and hopped the shuttle to Sunshine Valley.

It was indeed spring weather! A bit icy before noon, turning to slush later in the afternoon. By 4 o'clock, the snow was really sticky. On the last run, I had to take the board off and hike downhill to a steeper slope just to get back to the lodge. All in all, a very good day.

Style-conscious, waiting for the bus
View from the gondola
On the mountain

I hiked along the Bow river after going to the visitors center and getting the history and walking path maps. Beautiful day to be out. Then went in to the museum of the Banff animals. Beautiful specimens 100 years of Elk, Bear, Bison, sheep and all kinds of smaller animals! Chris...

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  1. Tremendous mountains. Looking fit Paul. The scenery must be good for the soul.