Day 17, Saturday, 5/5/18
4,860.1 miles
Beaver Creek, Yukon Territory

On the way out of Haines Junction, we stopped at an old gold mining ghost town called Silver City (go figure.) Long fallen into disrepair, it was built on the shores of Lake Kluane 450 or so years before the Alaskan Highway was built. Turns out there wasn't much gold there and most miners probably lost money.

Johnny, you're place 100 years from now?

Also near Lake Kluane is the Arctic Institute of North America. We stopped in and had a nice chat with the manager, Harry Penn. He filled us in on the research and programs offered and told us a bit about the area. Harry also gave us a few ideas of what to see on our way to Tok and beyond. Just pass the Institute, we stopped at the lake and took a walk.

Beaver Creek is about 180 miles from Haines Junction and because we were taking our time rubber-necking, we decided to stop there for the night. We stayed at a place called Buckshot Betty's. It's a pretty nice place with cabins, an RV park, a restaurant and gift shop. Beaver Creek is a smallish town, The woman working at Buckshot's was a teacher newly moved from Manitoba. In a school with 7 kids, she had 4 of them.

It was a slow day with lots of great scenery and a leisurely ride to Beaver Creek.

No Bull!
Nice van!
Lake Kluane

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