Day 22, Thursday, 5/10/18
Denali National Park, Alaska

Still at Riley Creek campground. The morning was sunny and warming. After a breakfast of coffee and bagels, we hit the park road again. First stop, Mountain Vista to see if the moose were still around. Nope. Park staff were snow-blowing a trail and the noise had driven the moose away. Back at the parking lot, a bus pulled in and a number of  people got out to listen to a short history of the area.

On our way back to the Teklanika at mile 30, we spotted a few caribou. And a moose mooning us...

Take that, voyeur!

That little dot by the stream in the left third of the picture is a grizzly. We'd stopped at bus turn-around and while cars were zipping by, I started scanning the shore with the binoculars and saw this bear lounging on the beach.


More moose
Chris the Moose Spotter saw this one.

By noon, it was hot in the sun. It was amazing to see how much had melted since the day before.

We parked at the end of mile 30 and I took a walk to the bridge over the Teklanika. There was still a bit of snow on the ground and the ice in the river was over a foot thick in spots.

Thick Ice
Teklanika looking south

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