Day 31, Saturday, 5/19/18
Sheep Mountain, Alaska

Before leaving the campsite in Hope, we had breakfast at the just opened restaurant. It's a seasonal business as are many in Alaska. We saw a few moose on the drive out.

Dzisk'w (tlingit)
When we got to Anchorage, we stopped for a provisioning run - a little food and 2 bottles of propane for the cook stove. The Glenn Highway from Anchorage to Palmer is pretty flat, coastal lowlands.

From Palmer, the highway starts winding into the Chugach Mountains. The sun was shining when we left Anchorage but as we headed north, the clouds came in and it started to rain.

In some places, the road is quite narrow, with mountain on one side and steep slopes on the other. At one point we stopped at a turnout and found a truck over the edge up against some trees. It was pretty beat up and looked like it had been there for a while. There was also a bunch of trash so the truck may have been abandoned there - a yahoo dump.

Getting Hairy
Driving the White Knuckle Road
Just past the Matanuska glacier, near Glacier View, we stopped at a place called Sheep Mountain Lodge. This was a great place, the owner being pretty laid back. There were a number of cabins and a restaurant at the foot of Sheep Mountain (so called because there are Dall sheep running around.)

We picked up a tent site (really just a patch of gravel in the parking lot) for 10 bucks.  That $10 bought us hot showers, hot tub, flush toilets and internet access. So we decided to have dinner at the restaurant. The menu was outstanding, great locally brewed beer, and the smell of the morning's cinnamon rolls baking was almost too much to bear. We stayed in the restaurant until closing, I nursing a beer working on the blog and Chris making notes of the day's travel. And while we were sitting there, the sun came out (at 9:30 in the evening!)

The sorta setting sun on the mountain tops

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