Day 25, Sunday, 5/13/18
Homer Spit, Alaska

Mother's Day. After a hot breakfast we drove to the town of Kenai, on the eastern edge of Cook Inlet. Off to the west the volcanic Chigmit Mountains (part of the Aleutian Range) were strutting their stuff.

Chigmit Mountains

The pictures were taken from Kenai beach. The tide was out. The beach was a mix of sand, gravel and silt with the sand at the top, gravel in the middle and silt to the water. The silt is like that in Turnagain Arm - quicksand-like and dangerous. The bank was being eroded to the point that some of the houses at the top were right on the edge of disaster.

Birds Scoffing at the Dangerous Silt!
At least it's a good view...

There were quite a few eagles on the beach, almost as common as the dump turkeys. We had a nice walk then got back in the van and said goodbye to Kenai. The road from Soldotna to Homer was more of the same (ho hum...), more eagles, and lots of moose grazing and fantastic scenery.

On the Beach
Marshalling its thoughts...
Another moon shot

As we headed south, the Chigmit part of the Aleutians kept pace with us.

Aleutians from Cook Inlet

Coming into Homer there's an overlook with views of Kachemak Bay

Kachemak Bay
Kachemak Bay
Kachemak Bay

From the overlook, it was all downhill from there. We found a campground on the spit, right on the beach. The wind was howling - it was cold! We walked around the harbor after getting settled in. Lots of eagles and otters chowing down on clams. Homer has a great boat harbor.

Welcome to Homer!
Small Boat Harbor, Homer
The things you see....

Back at the campsite, we met a couple from Soldotna, David and Terri, who were in their camper in a site next to ours. We shared their campfire and learned a lot about the area, as they've been camping and boating in these parts for years.

View from Campsite
Augustine, active volcano

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