Day 26, Monday, 5/14/18
Homer Spit, Alaska

This morning, the eagles were all over the beach. At one time, the 'eagle lady' started feeding them. It was estimated that she was feeding between 200 and 300 eagles. Not without controversy.

Still Cold!
It turns out that Richard Proenneke, of 'Alone in the Wilderness' fame had his cabin across the bay from Homer Spit on Twin Lakes. It's on the west side of the Alaska Range. We also saw the crabber Time Bandit of Deadliest Catch fame in dry dock.

We took a long stroll around the harbor looking at the boats. After vacillating, I signed up to go halibut fishing on Tuesday.

Later, we drove up to the Pratt Museum. If you get to Homer, it's worth the visit. The museum has 3 floors and covers the history of Homer, the geology, the earthquake of 1964 ( a 9.2 shaker) and the flora and fauna of the land and the sea.

Earlier this morning we discovered a great deal at Land's End Resort. 2 nights, and a dinner for $200. It was a nice break from the campsite.

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