Day 19, Monday, 5/7/18
5,218.2 miles
Wasilla, Alaska

It was a cold but sunny morning as we left Glennallen for Wasilla. There was a car with a New Hampshire plate in the parking lot. As the Wrangell - St Elias National Park receded behind us, Rt 1 began approaching the Chugach Mountains. The landscape is a mix of flat plains and and black spruce forests.

Alpine Tundra
Black Spruce, Chugach Range
Tundra, Chugach Range

40 or so miles west of Glennallen we spotted Nelchina glacier.

Nelchina Glacier
Nelchina Glacier

When we were about half-way to Wasilla, we saw Matanuska glacier, the largest glacier in the US accessible by road. The access point is privately owned (25 bucks just to get to get in) but was closed. Apparently, the guy also owns part of the glacier, the terminus extending to either side of the ice. Weird. So we drove on and found a spot to take a look.


In Wasilla, we set up for the night at the Finger Lake State Park. It's both a campground and day-use facility. Finger Lake is stocked and when we arrived it was packed with people fishing from shore, the dock and boats. There were lots of ducks too.

As we drive, we've been listening to an audible selection, Undaunted Courage by Stephen E. Ambrose. It's the story of the Lewis and Clark expedition, Lewis' life, his relationship to Jefferson and the political background before, during and after the expedition. An eye opener and very interesting.

After dinner, a wood fire then bed!

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  1. Paul - does the scenery and solitude get you in a philosophical state of mind? More than usual that is.