Day 27, Tuesday, 5/15/18
Homer Spit, Alaska

Fishing day with Bob's Trophy Charters. The boat left the dock at 7 AM, meaning I had to be at the boat at 6:30. It was a good thing the crew had a pot of coffee going! There were 4 other people on the boat, a dad and his 3 sons. We motored out to the kelp beds at Anchor point and dropped lines in 25-30 feet of water. The only fish biting were rockfish.

After a couple of hours, we moved out to another spot where the halibut were still ignoring us. Sometime around 3 PM, the captain took us out to a spot where the depth was 250-300 feet. That's where we all caught our limit. Reeling in a 15 pound halibut from 300 feet is work! Besides the halibut, I also caught a kelp greenling. All told, there was about 10 lbs of filleted fish. We kept one filet of halibut for later and shipped the rest to Erin. With the cost of the charter, tip, freezing and shipping, the price per pound ended up being pretty pricey!

The prize catch
The spit from the boat

While Paul was out fishing, I was out on the town. I got to see the chamber of commerce, the Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitors Center and a nice walk on the Homer Spit. I also saw a ton of Eagles and Sea Otters on the spit. It was a little rainy, but a great feeling to hold still for 3 days in Homer. We have moved almost everyday and done some driving almost everyday. The places to visit in Alaska are far apart!

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